MOEE Review Mission Visited Company Successfully2019.03.05

        At the beginning of New Year, we won the tender of Myanmar project with380 thousand single phase meters. We obtained recognition of clients from establishingconnection to clients, procurement and production, delivery of first batch ofmeter, to acceptance of products. Finally the clients of Myanmar signed theacceptance report.

        In order to betterunderstand our product quality, production capacity and testing capabilities, ateam of 5 people from the Myanmar National Electricity Authority HeadquartersMOEE led a Review Mission to visit our company for review and guidance from February26 to 28, 2019.

       On February 27, the Review Mission came to the smart factory of iTecheneindustrial park for a visit and audit work. It included the smart factory SMTworkshop, MIMA workshop and intelligent CELL and other advanced intelligent productionlines. According to the requirements of clients, several shipment inspectionssuch as welding process, visual inspection, and parameter copying werepreceded. After on-site review and acceptance, the clients had highlyrecognized and praised our scientific quality management system, professionaltesting capabilities, and the new intelligent factory scale. They also had fullof confidence in the products of the successful bidding project in Myanmar. 

       On February 28, the Review Mission came to the Shandong Institute ofMetrology (SDIM) for inspections. According to the requirements of clients,demonstrations of electric energy meter related tests were conducted atElectronics and Electromagnetic Measurement Institute and ElectricalMeasurement and Testing Center of SDIM. The field test and test results werewell received and recognized by clients.

        Special thanks to SDIM fortheir help and support in this successful bidding project in Myanmar.

        After effort and carefularrangement from everyone, the three-day visit ended smoothly. The bid for theMyanmar project has opened the door to the smart meter market in Myanmar. It isalso an important cornerstone for iTechene to explore overseas markets. Wishour overseas market will continue to blossom.

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