Techen Group Visited Nepal2019.03.16

In March 2019, Mr. ChenFujun, Chairman of the Cadence Group, visited Nepal and met with the Chairmanof the Nepalese ruling party, Mr. Prachanda. As a friendly neighbor of China,Nepal has always been in close contact with China in the fields of economy,trade, infrastructure and culture.

With the continuousdeepening of the “One Belt, One Road” policy, the cooperation between China andNepal in trade has been continuously strengthened. As a member of Chinese powerindustry, our company iTechene Technologies also expected to expand itsbusiness in Nepal. During the meeting, Mr. Chen firstly introduced thedevelopment history of the company to President Prachanda. When it came to thecurrent business situation, it was mentioned that the technology had advancedresearch and development capabilities, can use the advanced technology andcreativity to quickly produce customized products according to the requirementsof different customers; the advanced automated production line guarantees highquality and fast delivery.

        President Prachanda also introduced that Nepal was now politicallystable and actively implemented a comprehensive open policy. The state supportedand continuously promotes economic development and promoted in-depthcooperation with China in various fields. With the development of the economyand the improvement of people's living standards, the demand for electricity wasgrowing rapidly and the demand for infrastructure was constantly increasing.The Chairman expressed his gratitude to Mr. Chen for his visit. The two sidesexchanged ideas, established mutual trust and sought cooperation opportunities.At the same time, the president expected that Mr. Chen will take advantage of OneBelt, One Road initiative to bring more Chinese companies to help Nepal'sconstruction and development.

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