Techen Group Implemented the Industrialization and Informatization Integration System2019.03.07

At 9 am onMarch 7, 2019. Qingdao iTechene Technologies Co., Ltd., Qingdao iTechomeTechnologies Co., Ltd. and Qingdao Aifu Technologies Co., Ltd. held a kick-offmeeting of Industrialization and Informatization Integration System. Middle andsenior managers and implemented team more than 30 people attended the meeting.

Liu Jingfrom Intellectual Property Department of Techen Group hosted this meeting. Duringthe meeting, the leaders of the companies and relevant responsible personsissued a mobilization speech, emphasizing the importance and significance ofthe project.

Atthe kick-off meeting, Ms. Wang Yu, Chairman of Qingdao Yucheng Consulting Co.,Ltd. conducted a training session of Industrialization and InformatizationIntegration. She emphasized that it was the core path of industrial upgrading,and it should be upgraded to the company's strategic level. To realize the two-integration,four things must be done: equipment modernization, process informatization,management intensification, and market synergy.

Throughthis two-integration kick-off meeting, the company's process optimization andoverall network architecture will be upgraded, information-driven R&D,engineering, production, warehouse, supplier and personnel integration,automation, lean and intelligent will be realized. Improve the company'smanagement technology level, build a sustainable competitive advantage for thecompany, and escort each company to become an industry-leading company.

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