New Atmosphere, New Culture, New Journey2019.02.12

With the departure of the Spring Festival holiday, we have walked to anew work season. On the first day of the working day, the thirteenth meeting ofmanagement cadres was held. All employees have witnessed two new changes.

The first new change isculture of our Group. After a three-month internal group research, seminar,case collection and screening, the company released a new corporate culture.Chen Fujun, the chairman of the board, gave a presentation to make the staffunderstand more deeply.

Corporate culture isthe inexhaustible motive force to promote the development of the company. Aftera few years of development, the corporate culture has been constantly changingand upgrading with the changes and focus of the business. In the future, the Groupwill focus on three areas: smart energy, smart manufacturing and smart home.The new vision and mission in corporate culture are more relevant to businessdevelopment. At the same time, "three ones core values" refers to onecenter, one spirit and one soul.

With the continuousdevelopment and the scope of business, we think that the appointment of talentsis also the focus of cultural upgrading. In 2019, the Group has upgraded andclarified the characteristics of employing concept and the talents of iTechenepeople. Mr.Chen used his way to generalize the human talent model and to clearlydefine its direction in selecting, educating, employing, and motivating people.

In addition,according to the management problems of the internal and external enterprisesof the company over the years, Mr. Chen explained and interpreted the economicbehavior norms of enterprises through the in-depth analysis and summary of thecases.

After Mr. Chen’s new interpretation of culture, all the participantsgathered around the intense discussion on how to actually understand a newculture. I believe that cultural release is only the starting point, and furthercultural development will lead the direction of every employee’s practice. 

The second new change atthis meeting was the opening ceremony of the first phase of Project C. The projectC is a training plan which is made for the senior management of our Group. Theimplementation of this plan means the beginning of the group’s plan (C, T, E,H, N five systems).

During this meeting,the School of Management gave a detailed introduction to the project C, andannounced the list of students.

After the oath ceremony forthe students, Mr. Chen Fujun, the chairman of the board of directors, awardedthe flag to them.

The two new changesmean the new atmosphere, new culture and new journey. Have a good trip in 2019! 

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